Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Strech

Last week of school for me, I'm beyond ready to be done.  But so is everyone in my family.  On Saturday my mom and I went to a cute little tourist town before proceeding to see my art teacher's show.  Both were a lot of fun, and yes I did take pictures.

A shop window there was no Photoshopping involved here
I just thought it was funny that a brick on a walk-way would say savage
See this cute little old house, well it's not quite so old it was just built and more were going, by the end of construction they plan to have 20 of them.  Honestly I don't like it it's like they're trying to make cute little houses with character and none of them have any history to them.

See that's a real old house

Oh... and that's a vulture that was guarding the bridge we were walking on.
 Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures at the art show.  But my teacher had fun and so did I.
P.S sorry for the lateness in posting blogger would not let me on for days.

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