Monday, May 23, 2011

More TV Shows

Hi, before I continue my list of my favorite TV shows I just want to say sorry for neglecting you I'll explain that in my next though now it's TV time!

4. Auction Kings
A show about a family run auction house
not the whole cast
Paul Brown:

The owner of the shop, who keeps things running smoothly as best he can.

Cindy Shook

Cindy inventories every single item in the shop... In addition she also is the only girl you she much of on the show.

Jon Hammond
Jon's the new guy so he handles lots of jobs... that other people don't want to do.

Delfino Ramos
He's the Mr. Fix-it of the team he can fix anything even if he's never seen it before.

We also will sometimes see Paul's son Elijah helping out.  He's learning the business but wants to be a musician.

5. Storage Wars
A show about four guys who go around to storage unit auctions and buy them to resell them.
I know great picture of the cast right?
that's better
Barry Weiss
The oldest most experienced of the bunch doesn't buy for quantity but for quality.  He's a collector who hopes to finds just a few great items.  He's also pretty goofy at times.

Jarrod and Brandi Shultz
The youngest of the bunch is constantly trying to beat out the older guys.  He owns a thrift store with his wife Brandi so they're always on the look out for lots of stuff for a cheap price.  Brandi is Jarrod's wife and does lots of work at the store but will occasionally come to an auction.  They tend to fight, but hey... They're a young married couple.

Darrel Sheetz
The redneck who buys just about anything.  He loves to bid-up the others so they have less money to spend on another unit.
Dave Hester
The loud one always making sure everyone knows he's here and he's bidding.  Loves to bid-up anyone just for the fun of it.
Dan and Laura Dotson
They're the auctioneers.  And the whole reason that people win these units.

Well those are my top five favorite TV shows.  Do you notice a common theme? If you haven't seen any of them I encourage you to they're fun and educational.

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