Monday, May 23, 2011

More TV Shows

Hi, before I continue my list of my favorite TV shows I just want to say sorry for neglecting you I'll explain that in my next though now it's TV time!

4. Auction Kings
A show about a family run auction house
not the whole cast
Paul Brown:

The owner of the shop, who keeps things running smoothly as best he can.

Cindy Shook

Cindy inventories every single item in the shop... In addition she also is the only girl you she much of on the show.

Jon Hammond
Jon's the new guy so he handles lots of jobs... that other people don't want to do.

Delfino Ramos
He's the Mr. Fix-it of the team he can fix anything even if he's never seen it before.

We also will sometimes see Paul's son Elijah helping out.  He's learning the business but wants to be a musician.

5. Storage Wars
A show about four guys who go around to storage unit auctions and buy them to resell them.
I know great picture of the cast right?
that's better
Barry Weiss
The oldest most experienced of the bunch doesn't buy for quantity but for quality.  He's a collector who hopes to finds just a few great items.  He's also pretty goofy at times.

Jarrod and Brandi Shultz
The youngest of the bunch is constantly trying to beat out the older guys.  He owns a thrift store with his wife Brandi so they're always on the look out for lots of stuff for a cheap price.  Brandi is Jarrod's wife and does lots of work at the store but will occasionally come to an auction.  They tend to fight, but hey... They're a young married couple.

Darrel Sheetz
The redneck who buys just about anything.  He loves to bid-up the others so they have less money to spend on another unit.
Dave Hester
The loud one always making sure everyone knows he's here and he's bidding.  Loves to bid-up anyone just for the fun of it.
Dan and Laura Dotson
They're the auctioneers.  And the whole reason that people win these units.

Well those are my top five favorite TV shows.  Do you notice a common theme? If you haven't seen any of them I encourage you to they're fun and educational.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite TV shows

Okay so I don't watch "So You Think You Can Dance," "Project Runway," or "Glee."  Nothing against those classic "teen" shows but I just prefer something else.  What you ask?  Well... Recently I realized that I had more in common (in term of my TV taste)  with eleven year old boys, and my dad.  I find it kind of funny, but seriously it's what I prefer.  So what shows do I mean? Here is my list (in no particular order):
1. Pawn Stars
A TV show set in Las Vegas about a family run pawn shop
Normally he isn't that smiley
Rick owns the shop and is really tough to bargain with.  He likes guns, and anything related to war.  But he'll buy anything.

The Old Man
His name is actually Richard, and yes that is his normal expression
The Old Man is constantly being bugged by the rest of the employees, but he's still sharp as a tack and a pretty funny guy.  He likes to buy the old stuff, old toys, old cars, whatever.

Big Hoss
His name is really Corey,  
He likes to takes risks to try and come out from under his fathers shadow. He likes to buy motorcycles and anything big.


Yes this is how he usually looks
Chumlee is the guy everyone makes fun of.  It's probably the only reason they keep him around.  They don't let him buy much but he knows a lot about sneaker, yes sneakers.

2.  American Pickers
A show about two guys (and a girl) from Iowa who drive around the country buying and selling stuff.

Mike buys lots of stuff, but mostly he's a bicycle, Volkswagen and sign type of collector.

Frank is Mike's best friend and when you're in a car with one person for days it's a good thing they're best friends.  Frank likes to buy toys, motorcycles and signs but he'll buy anything cool.

She's the one that finds who Mike and Frank should buy stuff from.  She is the reason that they're still in business.  She can sell anything the guys bring back.  But they've only brought her on one trip with them, I think they're scared.

3. American Restoration
A show about a restoration shop in Las Vegas

Rick can restore anything and wants his son to carry on the family business.

Yeah I know, nice hair
 Tyler is Ricks son and works for the restoration shop I think he's about sixteen or seventeen.


Kowboy is the grunt and muscle of the shop, but as good as he is at taking stuff apart, putting it back together is not his strong suite.

Those are only three I have more so I'll be back.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Strech

Last week of school for me, I'm beyond ready to be done.  But so is everyone in my family.  On Saturday my mom and I went to a cute little tourist town before proceeding to see my art teacher's show.  Both were a lot of fun, and yes I did take pictures.

A shop window there was no Photoshopping involved here
I just thought it was funny that a brick on a walk-way would say savage
See this cute little old house, well it's not quite so old it was just built and more were going, by the end of construction they plan to have 20 of them.  Honestly I don't like it it's like they're trying to make cute little houses with character and none of them have any history to them.

See that's a real old house

Oh... and that's a vulture that was guarding the bridge we were walking on.
 Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures at the art show.  But my teacher had fun and so did I.
P.S sorry for the lateness in posting blogger would not let me on for days.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Yard Sales

I never realized how much stuff I had until I had to shovel through it to find stuff to sell at our family's yard sale.  Yard sales are lot's of work and I've had experience.  In the past 2 summers our family has had I think about four yard sales and so I though I would share some tips as Yard sale season comes upon us.
For having a yard sale you must:
1. Price everything
2. price everything a little bit high but take less, people like to negotiate and think they're getting a deal.
3. bundle things, like two lamp shades for three-dollars, or once people pay you bundle their items and give them a discount.
4. make sure people know who to pay, have a table, wear the same color... something.
5. be prepared to take less than you wanted for a lot of things, but sell for quantity.  Selling a few things for a lot of money isn't going to work, you have to have lots of stuff if people are going to stop ans shop.  If you don't have enough stuff have friends donate.

For shopping at a yard sales:
1. make a list of stuff you're looking for, if it's something generic like clothes remember some good brands.
2. haggle, people will be willing to go down on price if you buy more than one item together or if the price is over ten-dollars, but you can haggle at any price.
3. Say hello, hi or good morning when you walk up to a yard sale, it makes you seem more personable.
4. but gifts at yard sales, they have nice stuff at low prices it's great, and sometimes you get more variety from yards sales, which gives you more unique stuff.
5.  don't whisper, if the price is too high, if the stuff is disorganized, or if something is dirty.  It offends people because they can probably hear you.

A dress we tried to sell at our latest yard sale

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Friday, May 6, 2011


Ugh... I'm so sorry I've neglected you (though you probably didn't notice I was gone.)  I didn't mean to take a break I was just being lazy.  Yep, no lame excuse here, I'll admit I'm lazy.  But I guess I comes with spring for me. Spring + Me = Lazy.  But other than the laziness, I really enjoy spring, or that was until I developed outdoor allergies to idon'tknowwhat.  So even if I have to enjoy spring from inside with the windows closed, I'll take it.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

How I Think

Recently I volunteered to face paint at a charity event, ran by one of our neighbors.  I was a bit worried because I had only face painted once, and that didn't turn out too well.  So being me, I youtubed videos on how to face paint.  And it worked.  I now really enjoy face painting and want to advertise my services.  Why am I talking about this?  Because it helps explain how I like to approach situations.
1. get the mission.
This is where I'm told what I'm doing, when it will be and what's expected of me.
2.  Gather Information
This is where I learn as much as possible about what I'm doing, especially if it's something I've never done it before.
3. Do it (self explanatory)

Well that's it, that's how I accomplish new tasks.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

we'll have an old fashioned wedding

In case you didn't get the title it's from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun."  Anyways as you probably know, today on TV's and computers everywhere i a wedding, the wedding of prince William.  Personally I don't really care for royalty, or weddings so I won't be watching, but I would like to know why is this such a big deal.  I know that William will be king one day but that doesn't really have anything to do with are political future, would someone kindly enlighten me?.  I would like to say though that I personally would hate to be a member of the royal family, but I would also hate to be a celebrity for these same reasons.  No privacy, you're compared to everyone, people get really mean if they're against you, and you have to look perfect all the time no matter what. Maybe some people like that, but again I don't understand it. And again I ask for enlightenment.  I just don't see a function for all the flowers, guests, and stuff.  But whatever floats their boat.

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