Monday, May 9, 2011

Yard Sales

I never realized how much stuff I had until I had to shovel through it to find stuff to sell at our family's yard sale.  Yard sales are lot's of work and I've had experience.  In the past 2 summers our family has had I think about four yard sales and so I though I would share some tips as Yard sale season comes upon us.
For having a yard sale you must:
1. Price everything
2. price everything a little bit high but take less, people like to negotiate and think they're getting a deal.
3. bundle things, like two lamp shades for three-dollars, or once people pay you bundle their items and give them a discount.
4. make sure people know who to pay, have a table, wear the same color... something.
5. be prepared to take less than you wanted for a lot of things, but sell for quantity.  Selling a few things for a lot of money isn't going to work, you have to have lots of stuff if people are going to stop ans shop.  If you don't have enough stuff have friends donate.

For shopping at a yard sales:
1. make a list of stuff you're looking for, if it's something generic like clothes remember some good brands.
2. haggle, people will be willing to go down on price if you buy more than one item together or if the price is over ten-dollars, but you can haggle at any price.
3. Say hello, hi or good morning when you walk up to a yard sale, it makes you seem more personable.
4. but gifts at yard sales, they have nice stuff at low prices it's great, and sometimes you get more variety from yards sales, which gives you more unique stuff.
5.  don't whisper, if the price is too high, if the stuff is disorganized, or if something is dirty.  It offends people because they can probably hear you.

A dress we tried to sell at our latest yard sale

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