Thursday, March 31, 2011

In My Room

there's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to, in my rook...... ~The Beach Boys~
Everybody has that one place where they can go, that one place where they feel safe.  That's why men have 'man caves'  woman have...well the whole house.  But my little comfort zone is my bedroom, I know original right.  But seriously it's my space and I get upset when someone goes in there.
I have a personal space bubble around me, if someone gets too close I get uncomfortable.  My room is like an extension of that bubble when people come in it makes me uncomfortable.  Why am I talking about this?  Well because last night I had a dream where people were coming in and out of my room and taking stuff (it was scary when it happened.)  A while ago a had another dream about my room where some of my sister's friends came over and they decided to play in my room and have a sleep-over there.  It's not like I'm not proud of my room, I am but it's my little space and it's my personal life it's like my brain put into bedroom form.  And I don't want the world to see my brain.  Plus the bad dreams and bad experiences of people coming into my room.  So what's your space, your haven?

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey look I sorta-kinda learned how to animate in Photoshop! I not too good at it yet but it's a lot of fun here's my first project.
 I know it's not super impressive but it's a start.  The only really tedious part is making every single frame, it takes a long time to get each frame made because of placement, color, and size might need to be changed.  But other than that the tools themselves are so easy to use in Photoshop cs5's animation panel. here's a step by step.
1. open blank document
2. put on first shape
3. make new layer
4. copy that shape onto new layer
5. make adjustments
6. repeat until you have as any frames as you want.
7. under the windows panel in Photoshop, find animation
8. click it (<---Very important step)
9. at the top right of the little animation bar there should be something that looks like and arrow pointing down  with some lines next to it
10. click that
11. choose make frames from layers
12. watch the magic
13. save the magic by going to save for web and devices
14. make sure it saves as a GIF
15. post to your blog and link so I can see (optional)
 so super simple, but tedious if you have to make a long movie.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why SNOW!!

Last week I breathed I sigh of relief, spring hath arrived.  Temperatures in the 50s and 60s and beautiful sparkling sunshine... But alas it wasn't meant to be, I woke up to a white back yard. It's crazy.  yeah sure I really do like snow but exactly one week after the beginning of spring that's just a mean trick.  But since there is snow and there is nothing I can do about it, I will tell you five reasons I like snow and five reasons I dislike snow.

Reasons I Like Snow:
1. pretty and white
2. perfect backdrop for bird photography
3. magical
4. free snow cones
5. it makes everything seem bright

and now for the opposing side

Reasons I DIS-Like Snow
1. my dog gets stuck in it and it gets stuck on him so the floor is very wet
2. makes you think you can sleep in when you can't
3. everything closes (except home school of course)
4. it's unpredictable
5. it's just redonkulusly (re-donk-u-lus-ly) cold

So you can see that I have a love hate relationship with snow.
Well I guess I'd better go get bundled up so I don't freeze in the is snow.

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I know I didn't write a post about Japan just after the earthquake.  But (I'm not just a heartless blogger) I really do care.  So, it's been exactly two weeks since this massive 8.9 earthquake that moved the island of Japan 8 feet from it's original location.  Over 10,000 people are dead, and the numbers are still climbing.  The lowest recorded aftershock was registered as a 6.0, the earthquake in that killed at least 65 people in New Zealand was registered at 6.3.  The 2010 earthquake in Haiti, was registered at 7.0.  But even though the earthquake was stronger in Japan, Haiti required more help to get back on it's feet. Why? Well Haiti's economy was rather disorganized.  Over 10,000,000 people live in Haiti, out of that 10,000,000 only about 5,000 are literate, and out of  10,000,000 people one-hundred-thousand of them own almost half the wealth of the country.  In Japan however contains over 127-million people, of all those people 15 and older 99% of them can read and write.  Haiti needed more help to recover because they weren't doing that great to begin with.  But the Japanese are doers, they build, and they invent, and they grow. The Japanese flag is white with a red circle in the middle, commonly red is the color of power, anger, and strength.  While, white is purity.  Like the flag the world is not perfect and pure, sometimes there are spots, but if we choose to let the spots destroy us, it's like wedon't want to try.  The Japanese won't be destroyed by this earthquake, they'll come back stronger, though it may take time.  They'll keep going... Like the Energizer bunny :)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Doggy

So... I'm exhausted, my mom is sick, I'm behind on school, and some other stuff I can't think of right now.  But I've decided to give you the pleasure of seeing one of the cutest little dogs ever... mine :)
His name is Coco, he likes chicken and rice, and he's very lazy.

Oh and he doesn't like having his picture taken.
But everybody likes him.  Once when we got our Girl Scout cookies delivered the order slip said "to Coco's mom."  and once after we had dinner and were cleaning Coco jumped onto a chair and then to the table and stole the last hamburger.
 Well that's Coco.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Dark and Stormy Night

Well it really a dark and stormy 6:30 in the morning but oh well.  Anyways last night (at about 6:30) I was sleeping peacefully when I was suddenly awakened by a vacuum cleaner-like wind accompanied by bowling alley-thunder.  At first I had no idea what happening then I realized it was storming outside, but this was no ordinary storm the raindrops were huge and sounded like hail against the windows (I think it might have been hail) anywho at first I was scared as the lightning illuminated my whole room, but then I remembered that this was God doing this in the sermon just that morning the pastor had been saying how we tend to replace God with our gifts and when we do that we lose our fear of him (God I mean.)  Trust me that storm has rekindled my fear for God and made me get a better picture of His power.  If you want to see more "God power" go watch this video... don't worry it's short

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nature (sigh)

The weather is so gorgeous here, yesterday the weather forecast website said that it there was a high of 79 degrees.  It was nice and sunny with a cooling breeze passing through every now and then.  I just recently started reading the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, and in that book he says how much we take nature for granted (in other words of course.)  So I've been trying to really enjoy nature to open the windows when I can, close the computer when I should, and be outside a whole lot more. People only spend 5-10% of their lives outdoors, if I live to be 70 then that means that I'll only have spent 3.5 years outside.  To put that into perspective people spend up to 4 years in the bathroom.  Crazy right?

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

If I ever get a new Camera

Well I've had my camera for seven years now and it's like my baby.  However seven years in techno-time is a lifetime.  Now by no means would I just kick my old camera to the curb (too much like Toy Story) but I would like a newer model.  So what camera do I want? (cue dramatic music...)
a Nikon D3s

(not my picture)
this camera is used by people like Scott Kelby, Moose Peterson, and Joe Mcnally
This camera has 2 memory card slots so that you can hold twice as many pictures.  It also allows you to be able to turn the camera to portrait view and still be able to take a picture because it has a nifty little button right where your hand goes when you turn the camera vertically.  Those are two of the many reasons I want this camera but until I come up with 5,199.95 I'll stick with my old one.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okay it's time to come out of the closet... My favorite things to watch on TV are cartoons, not like the Simpsons or anything like that but really old cartoons from the 20's-60's back when cartoons were black and white and all music.  Why? well they're like history and you can obviously see some of the issues of the time.  For example in this cartoon the two characters "Tom and Jerry" (not the cat and mouse) go to Spain because of the 18th amendment (prohibition of alcohol)  and in the end they get a letter saying that the 18th amendment has been repealed so they go back.  In this cartoon the same characters fly to Africa and paint themselves black and speak like black people to fit in, in Africa.  Then this one deals with being careful while driving a car, like a long commercial.  So old cartoons are like a little history lesson, plus they're so cute and innocent.
So that's why I like them I know they're not for everyone but I think they're great I have a 450 cartoon set

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Birthday!

It's my mom's birthday today my sister's birthday and my mom's kind of collide.  So again I'm gonna write some stuff about my mom.
1. She is the ultimate multi-tasker
2. Coupon clipping is her favorite hobby (we say she has OCCD obsessive coupon clippers disorder)
3. She bakes her own bread from grain that she grinds
4. She has pretty blue eyes (I wish I had gotten those)
5. She puts up with me (that's courage right there)
6. She talks like the dog
7. She's goofy
8. When my sister and I we younger she would play with us all the time
9. She likes to read
10. She's learning to knit
11. She lets us dye her hair with pink highlighter (it actually gives nice pink streaks that make her eyes POP)
12. She was a spanish teacher
13. She's a great cake decorator (I on the other hand can't even bake a cake)
14. her favorite color is blue
15. She's not outdoorsy at all (no hiking, camping or fishing)
16. The beach is her favorite vacation spot
17. She wanted to be a financial planner
18.  She could have been a spy
19. Everybody loves her
20. Everybody thinks she's younger than she is.

That's my mom!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Stolen Scream

About ten minutes ago I finished watching this video.  It's about ten minutes long so you don't have to watch the whole thing, but it's basically about this 26 year old guy named Naom Galai who has become a model without really trying... Let me explain.  In 2006 he posted a set of pictures he had taken of himself to flickr.  They got great comments so he decided to upload some more from that photoshoot.  He uploaded this one,  and a few months later one of his co-workers told him that she had seen someone wear a tee-shirt with his face on it, she also asked why he hadn't told her she was selling his work.  He had no idea what she was talking about but later he saw what she meant.  He started to see t-shirts with his face on them.  Then he started to see his face everywhere, on murals, on posters, on book covers.  Only one person told him they had used his picture of his face and that was after they had used it.  He only got on paying gig from all the publicity this picture was getting, on Glimpse magazine (Glimpse is a political magazine put out by National Geographic.)  They did ask and pay him for use of his picture on the cover of one of their issues.  On the book cover, no credit was given to him, it was given to some other person who claimed the picture as their own.  Naom's face was the face of political protest in Iran, modern art in the Netherlands, and press conferences in Spain.  Throughout all this he said "Artist like their work to be published as to be seen by as many people as possible, I'm not a big fan of people stealing my pictures, but it's better than not having all those people see my pictures at all, it's another way to publish your work it's not me publishing it but other people do it for me."   Now he has a blog where he posts pictures of "his scream"  that's he's seen.
What I really like about this guy though, is that he cares about his art so much that he doesn't care if he doesn't make money off it or if people don't know it's his, he thinks it's better for people to see it than for himself to get credit.

Wow long post.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday sissy

Today is the birthday of a very important person.  My sister (as you could probably guess from the title) but seriously... she's the best.  so I've to write a bit about her.
1. she's goofy she always says something funny
2. she's reading me write this and is not minding
3. she says "if I haven't embarrassed myself at least once in every conversation I've failed"
4. funny thing is she usually succeeds at #3
5. she listens to me rant about... well everything
6. she loves to make up words
7. she does the best puppy dog face ever!
8. her nick-name when she was younger was happy go lucky
9. she has about a billion other nick-names
10. she dances randomly
11. she has a strange obsession with small things
12. her friends are crazy
13. one of her favorite foods are green beans
14. she's a health nut
15. she's double jointed in lots of places
16. she listens to weird music
17. she is mostly a willing photography model for me
18. she's very mature for her age, or so she's been told (by people who don't know her) jk
19. she loves to dance is and good great at it
20. PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that's my sister :)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Favorite Words

So every body has words that they use a lot. Some people say dude, some people say groovy.  But here are some of my favorite words that I actually use in conversations.
1. nifty---means: cool, neat. Origin: the 70's
2. photographize--- means: to take pictures, to take pictures of. Origin: Myself
3. like (I use this one like way too much)--- means: similar to, such as, ummm.  Origin: no idea
4. hurts like crazy (okay so this is more of a phrase)--- OUCH. Origin: again no idea
5. texture--- means: the feeling of something.  Origin: Latin
6. redonkulous (don't think I spelled that right)--- means: crazy (you can't say hurts like redonkulous however) Origin: Rhino from the movie Bolt... I think
7.  ay chihuahua--- means: wow, whoa. Origin: i guess someone who spoke spanish but the first time i heard it was when Joey said it on an episode of Full House
8. HAhahaHAh--- means: somethings funny Origin: everybody (because everybody laughs) however I have a very annoying laugh thus the weird spelling
9. humhumhummmm---means: I'm humming or singing something.  Origin: everybody (because everybody sings (or at least they should))
10. sorry or oops (I say this a lot) --- means: I apologize and or did something wrong Origin:  no idea

So TA-DA! these are a few of my favorite things humhumhummmm.......

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mood rings

I'm sure that every girl at one time in her life has either had a mood ring or really wanted one.  They're actually pretty fascinating when you think about what's going on with them.  Most modern mood rings are made of the band part (duh) and  strip of liquid crystals covered with some sort of varnish to protect them.  Those crystals respond to temperature changes and when the temperature changes so does the color.  So they can't really tell your emotions but they can tell your body temperature.
Purply-blue- happy
Green- bored 
Yellow- tense
Brown- nervous
Black- you're dead or your ring is seriously messed up

These are the slandered mood ring colors.  However they have less to do with mood and more with temperature so don't going having an identity crisis when you're super excited and you look at your mood ring to find that you're bored.  It's all temperature, purply-blue is the warmest and black is the coldest (when you're that cold you're dead... Or the old guy who sold it to you on a street corner ripped you off :)
So though they aren't entirely accurate they are pretty nifty.  So sorry Reliant K mood rings will not help you understand the complex infrastructure known as the female mind.  We will not be understood!!! <----- Funny Reliant K song about mood rings

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The less you know...

When I was younger after watching Star Wars episode 1 I decided I wanted to be exactly like Padme Amadala.  She was pretty, smart, and she had the coolest wardrobe ever.  I would dress up as her for halloween, and sometimes just for fun.  After the third movie came out I learned she died.  I have not watched that movie yet and probably won't because don't like the thought of Amadala dying.  But recently I've begun to hear a lot about Natalie Portman (the actress who plays Amadala)  and now I don't like her as much. Why?

1. She acted in that new movies Black Swan and No Strings Attached... both are movies that I don't agree with.
2. She doesn't believe in afterlife which for me as a christian presents a problem.
3. She is expecting a baby sometime this year... she is currently engaged.
So these are the top 3 reason why I don't agree with her choices as a person.  That does not mean I won't watch Star Wars ever again,  but I won't willing pay my money for something that will pay her.  That's why I don't like to have favorite singer, or actors or people because if you like someone then you read up about them and then you learn everything about them that you disagree with and you like them less.  So I like to, like the song and not the singer because the less you know the more you'll like someone or something.

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