Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm on a mission

Recently I was watching "The Grid" which is a webcast provided by Kelby TV.com.  It's basically a talk show about anything Photoshop and or Photography related.  One of the topics they talked about yesterday, was cell phone cameras.  Stuff like, whether or not they were useful, what do you do with the pictures, and why are they so popular.  Since the show is mostly photographers, this is not the average response.  They said that cell phone camera were useful for scouting a location and stuff like that when they don't have a camera with them.  They said they rarely did anything with the pictures and they also said they were probably popular because you can share them quickly.  Many of the comments the show got during it's live broadcast said they would use it if the didn't have their DSLR camera with them.  Then it hit me that I'm blessed with a redonkulous DLSR camera that many aspiring photographers don't have.  So I'm going on a mission to bring my camera everywhere with me to take the most advantage of it.  Granted I've already taken over 30,000 photos on it but I want to use it more.  So that's my mission.  Hopefully this blog will be filled with many more pictures in the time to come.  But in the meantime, here's a picture while you wait.

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