Friday, April 15, 2011

My confession

Okay, so you know those secrets that you have, that you're not embarrassed about but they're kinda goofy and weird.  Well I have one of those, it's not super weird, but it is highly opposed by my sister.  It's also relatively new, well okay about five years old.  What is it? oh, yeah... I want to live in the country.  Yes my sister hates it when I burst out in random country songs, and wear plaid.  I personally find it perfect, very fresh and well country-ish.  I really wanted to buy the "Country Dance" Wii game, but no one would ever play it with me.  My mom finds my country-love strange, because I will decorate my future country home, with modern black and white furnishings.  But I like to call that eclectic.  And yes, I will have a home in the country, with acres of land, in a small town, where my barn will serve as a meeting place for my future church's youth group.  Yep I've planned my future.

ahh... A barn

So yes this is hopefully future life.  But for now I'm stuck in the suburbs.  And that is my confession.

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