Sunday, April 3, 2011


Remember in my "words I use a lot" post when I said I use the word like?  Well I do.  It sounds really annoying when you say it a lot though and so I'm trying to stop.  But it's so useful, you can use it in a whole bunch of different ways. For example:
1. to say how much you appreciate something--- Yeah, I like Jelly Beans.
2. to say how much you appreciate someone--- Oh, I really like Selena Gomez (not really, it's an example)
3. to express a long period of time--- for-like-ever
4. to compare to things--- it's like that emu riding a rhinoceros (again it's an example)
5. to stick in there when you don't know what to say--- And like then we like went there and did like everything
6. to described what someone said or did--- And she was like "wow really?" and I was like "no April Fools."

So those are some of the top ways like can be used, are there any more I missed.  So now in my plight to  stop saying the "L" word I have decided to use a rubber band.  Yes you read me no need to re-read.  I said a rubber band.  Why?  Have you ever seen the Disney Channel show Suite Life on Deck, well when one of them want to forget his ex-girlfriend he puts a rubber band on his wrist and whenever he thinks of here he snaps the rubber band on his wrist.  I know strange illustration but that's what I'm going to do I'll snap myself with a rubber band whenever I say li...the "L" word.  I've tried I before but on and off but this time I won't take it off. Until I'm cured that is.

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