Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Oscar goes to..........

Okay so unless you never turn on your TV you probably know that the Oscars are coming up in two days.  I've never really had an interest in famous people wearing huge dresses to go get a statue.  And recently it seems like there have been a bunch of award shows like that on.  The Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, the Grammys (which sounds like the board of grandmothers is judging) etc...  So why all the hype? If you saw a movie and liked it that should be it, but it's not you have to hear about the actor's lives, see them on the news, which for me ruins it.  When I was younger my favorite movie was "Star Wars" one of the first two, and I wanted to be exactly like Amadala.  She was pretty, and powerful, she could use a gun, everything a six or seven year old me could want to be.  Now all you here about her is who she's engaged to, if she pregnant or not, if there's a scandal going on etc...  That's why I don't like having favorite actors (and this goes for singers too) the more you know about them the less you like them.  Now I've kinda gone into space here so let me try to come back down to earth.  Okay so, in short I don't like all these award shows I mean these people make more money than the president, they don't need an award.  For example Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is getting paid 43 million dollar for parts 1 and 2 of The Deathly Hallows.  It's crazy!
and now I will leave you with a quote

"A celebrity is one who is know to may persons he is glad he doesn't know."
~Lord Byron

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