Monday, February 21, 2011


Do you ever feel like you're flying through life so fast you can't keep up?  I have, and I think this style of picture taking does a great job at capturing life's hectic, rushed moments.  It's great for showing motion, without total blurriness.  I'm fascinated with the look of these.

You can also give the same style two different looks, the one below, has the time appearing very clearly one bigger one smaller.

However in this 2nd picture it looks like you're going into the numbers, quite literally zooming.

So... Now that you know what it looks like here's how you do it.
1) Slow it down: lower your shutter speed, or take your camera into a dark room to get a slower shutter speed.
2) Find a subject:  Find what ever you're going to take a picture of and arrange it is desired.
3) Focus: figure out where you what part you want to be zooming into, (I chose the numbers on the clock, and the lens on the camera.)
4) Click: Take the picture and while it's taking, if using a DSLR zoom the lens in and out,  if using a point and shoot move the camera forwards and backwards towards your subject. *remember, to zoom, (or bring camera close to) the area that you want to be in focus.

That's about it.  Comment below and link to your blog I'd be super curious to see some results.

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