Monday, February 28, 2011

Church notes

Do any of you take notes in church? I do because I find it easier to concentrate when I'm doing something with my hands.  Taking notes also helps me remember important information, it also makes it easy to refer back to if it's needed.  I take notes in a few different ways I...
1. write down important points
2. illustrate with pictures important examples or ideas
3. write down the names of songs that relate to the sermon or a part of it

I write down important points because it narrows in on what I need to focus on, I usually do it like an outline when writing and essay

like that.

I illustrate (or draw pictures) of important ideas because they make more sense to me if I can picture them and I understand them more quickly if it's drawn out.
The third note taking thing I do is kind of recent, I've been writing down the names of songs that I think relate to the sermon, then I can listen to them throughout the week and remember some details about the sermon.

These three things that I do have it a lot easier to focus and understand what I hear, yes I do use all of them on the same page of notes because separately they each make me remember different things.  Writing things makes me remember the big, overall topics, drawing things helps me remember the ideas, and listening to songs helps me remember details over time.
How to you take notes?

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