Monday, February 7, 2011

The Last Installment

We have arrived at the last installment of my three part series regarding the 3 camera settings you need to know. The final setting that you need to know is ISO.  ISO stands for International Standards Organization
1) ISO: 
In simple terms: How sensitive your camera is to light
In the camera: when you look at your ISO speed in your camera (i can't tell you where to find it because it's different with all cameras.)  You will see numbers like 200, 450, 1600 etc...  the lower numbers should be used on brighter days and the higher numbers should be used on darker days.  Why? look below 
How to use it: Since the ISO determines how sensitive your camera, or more like the "film" in your camera is to light, it's a setting that can vary a lot.  low ISO gives you crisp clear images when you have enough light.  You see a low ISO setting means that you need more light to get a good picture. Why? well the lower your ISO the faster the shutter speed is in bright light.  But if you have a dark room and need a fast shutter speed, then what do you do? crank up the ISO doing this makes the shutter speed faster enabling you to take better pictures in the dark.  However when you raise the ISO is also adds noise to your photos.  Noise is that colored grainy stuff you'll see in some pictures.  SO if you have lots of light use and ISO of 100-200 (you can sill use this setting in the dark but the shutter speed will be slower.)  If you need a fast shutter speed in the dark turn up the ISO to 800-1600 but be careful of noise

this first picture is taken with an ISO of 200

and this one was taken with an ISO of 1600 see the noise?

   Now do you see it?

Well now you should know the 3 basic camera settings.  Knowing these settings will help you be able to look at a picture and figure out how to take one like it.  It also makes you seem smart around your friends when you start talking about changing the aperture size you focus only on that one flower.  Well thanks for tuning in.

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