Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Jetsons, Justin Bieber

If you've ever watched the Jetsons you've probably know what it's about. It's a show about a futuristic family living in 2062, since it's a TV series it doesn't really have a concrete plot line.  And if you have ever watched Youtube, or the news, you'll probably know who Justin Bieber is.  But what do the two have in common?  In episode Judy Jetsons (the 16 year old daughter) enters a songwriting contest where the winner goes on a date with pop star Jet Screamer.  So the similarities aren't really related to the Jetsons as much as to Jet Screamer.  But they are similar.

Similarity 1. They were both famous
Similarity 2. They were both singers
Similarity 3. Both of them say baby way too much, Justin Bieber has a song called baby and Jet Screamer just said it... a lot
Similarity 4. Contests were held to either meet or date them.  Justin Bieber had one song writing contest to go with him to his movie premier and a 'why I should meet Justin Bieber' contest to go on a date with him.  In the Jet Screamer contest  you had to write a song to go on a date with him.
Similarity 5. Both their song lyrics are repetitive
Similarity 6. Their names sound similar
Similarity 7. In the pictures below (which I did not take) they look the same

So... In conclusion the Jetsons were not only ahead of their time technologically but they also predicted the rise of Justing Bieber.  For the record I did not know all of this stuff about Justin Bieber until I was going to post about it, then I researched it.  

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