Friday, February 11, 2011

This Time of Year

Hhhhh...  Around this time every year I crave the beach, or any vacation in general, but mostly the beach.  I haven't been in about five years and I really miss it.  A few days ago, we bought some stuffed clam shells, which were very yummy.  What does this have to do with the beach?  Well being as desperate as I am to go to the beach I took five of the clam shells washed them out (aka ate them) and took pictures of them to help curb my beach craving. So here in one picture that i thought was quite pretty and beachy.  I post processed it to give it a dreamier feel.

Another thing about this time of year is Valentines Day.  Personally I think Valentines Day is overrated, unless you have a boyfriend or husband who is willing to spend money on you.  However it does provide a lot of photo ideas because it has a basic color scheme: red, pink, purple.  A general feeling: love, happiness.  and a general shape or symbol: hearts.  Looking for these things is really easy around this time of year, and if you look for things of these colors, shapes, and feelings, taking photos becomes really easy.  So here is a picture I took of a box that covered with newspaper and painted... (you can't really tell it's a box in the picture though)

TA-DA!! well hope you enjoyed this post.

P.S if you want you can link to your blog so I can see some of your Valentine-y photos.

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