Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The less you know...

When I was younger after watching Star Wars episode 1 I decided I wanted to be exactly like Padme Amadala.  She was pretty, smart, and she had the coolest wardrobe ever.  I would dress up as her for halloween, and sometimes just for fun.  After the third movie came out I learned she died.  I have not watched that movie yet and probably won't because don't like the thought of Amadala dying.  But recently I've begun to hear a lot about Natalie Portman (the actress who plays Amadala)  and now I don't like her as much. Why?

1. She acted in that new movies Black Swan and No Strings Attached... both are movies that I don't agree with.
2. She doesn't believe in afterlife which for me as a christian presents a problem.
3. She is expecting a baby sometime this year... she is currently engaged.
So these are the top 3 reason why I don't agree with her choices as a person.  That does not mean I won't watch Star Wars ever again,  but I won't willing pay my money for something that will pay her.  That's why I don't like to have favorite singer, or actors or people because if you like someone then you read up about them and then you learn everything about them that you disagree with and you like them less.  So I like to, like the song and not the singer because the less you know the more you'll like someone or something.

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