Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey look I sorta-kinda learned how to animate in Photoshop! I not too good at it yet but it's a lot of fun here's my first project.
 I know it's not super impressive but it's a start.  The only really tedious part is making every single frame, it takes a long time to get each frame made because of placement, color, and size might need to be changed.  But other than that the tools themselves are so easy to use in Photoshop cs5's animation panel. here's a step by step.
1. open blank document
2. put on first shape
3. make new layer
4. copy that shape onto new layer
5. make adjustments
6. repeat until you have as any frames as you want.
7. under the windows panel in Photoshop, find animation
8. click it (<---Very important step)
9. at the top right of the little animation bar there should be something that looks like and arrow pointing down  with some lines next to it
10. click that
11. choose make frames from layers
12. watch the magic
13. save the magic by going to save for web and devices
14. make sure it saves as a GIF
15. post to your blog and link so I can see (optional)
 so super simple, but tedious if you have to make a long movie.

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