Thursday, March 17, 2011

If I ever get a new Camera

Well I've had my camera for seven years now and it's like my baby.  However seven years in techno-time is a lifetime.  Now by no means would I just kick my old camera to the curb (too much like Toy Story) but I would like a newer model.  So what camera do I want? (cue dramatic music...)
a Nikon D3s

(not my picture)
this camera is used by people like Scott Kelby, Moose Peterson, and Joe Mcnally
This camera has 2 memory card slots so that you can hold twice as many pictures.  It also allows you to be able to turn the camera to portrait view and still be able to take a picture because it has a nifty little button right where your hand goes when you turn the camera vertically.  Those are two of the many reasons I want this camera but until I come up with 5,199.95 I'll stick with my old one.

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  1. Niiiice!! Yeah I only have a little cheap-o digital Walmart camera....a Professional one would be NICE!!