Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Birthday!

It's my mom's birthday today my sister's birthday and my mom's kind of collide.  So again I'm gonna write some stuff about my mom.
1. She is the ultimate multi-tasker
2. Coupon clipping is her favorite hobby (we say she has OCCD obsessive coupon clippers disorder)
3. She bakes her own bread from grain that she grinds
4. She has pretty blue eyes (I wish I had gotten those)
5. She puts up with me (that's courage right there)
6. She talks like the dog
7. She's goofy
8. When my sister and I we younger she would play with us all the time
9. She likes to read
10. She's learning to knit
11. She lets us dye her hair with pink highlighter (it actually gives nice pink streaks that make her eyes POP)
12. She was a spanish teacher
13. She's a great cake decorator (I on the other hand can't even bake a cake)
14. her favorite color is blue
15. She's not outdoorsy at all (no hiking, camping or fishing)
16. The beach is her favorite vacation spot
17. She wanted to be a financial planner
18.  She could have been a spy
19. Everybody loves her
20. Everybody thinks she's younger than she is.

That's my mom!

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1 comment:

  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I'm here looking at your blog! :) I know what it's like not getting many comments, but just know that I look at your blog quite often. :)
    Happy birthday to your mom!