Friday, March 4, 2011

Mood rings

I'm sure that every girl at one time in her life has either had a mood ring or really wanted one.  They're actually pretty fascinating when you think about what's going on with them.  Most modern mood rings are made of the band part (duh) and  strip of liquid crystals covered with some sort of varnish to protect them.  Those crystals respond to temperature changes and when the temperature changes so does the color.  So they can't really tell your emotions but they can tell your body temperature.
Purply-blue- happy
Green- bored 
Yellow- tense
Brown- nervous
Black- you're dead or your ring is seriously messed up

These are the slandered mood ring colors.  However they have less to do with mood and more with temperature so don't going having an identity crisis when you're super excited and you look at your mood ring to find that you're bored.  It's all temperature, purply-blue is the warmest and black is the coldest (when you're that cold you're dead... Or the old guy who sold it to you on a street corner ripped you off :)
So though they aren't entirely accurate they are pretty nifty.  So sorry Reliant K mood rings will not help you understand the complex infrastructure known as the female mind.  We will not be understood!!! <----- Funny Reliant K song about mood rings

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