Monday, March 21, 2011

A Dark and Stormy Night

Well it really a dark and stormy 6:30 in the morning but oh well.  Anyways last night (at about 6:30) I was sleeping peacefully when I was suddenly awakened by a vacuum cleaner-like wind accompanied by bowling alley-thunder.  At first I had no idea what happening then I realized it was storming outside, but this was no ordinary storm the raindrops were huge and sounded like hail against the windows (I think it might have been hail) anywho at first I was scared as the lightning illuminated my whole room, but then I remembered that this was God doing this in the sermon just that morning the pastor had been saying how we tend to replace God with our gifts and when we do that we lose our fear of him (God I mean.)  Trust me that storm has rekindled my fear for God and made me get a better picture of His power.  If you want to see more "God power" go watch this video... don't worry it's short

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