Sunday, March 6, 2011

Favorite Words

So every body has words that they use a lot. Some people say dude, some people say groovy.  But here are some of my favorite words that I actually use in conversations.
1. nifty---means: cool, neat. Origin: the 70's
2. photographize--- means: to take pictures, to take pictures of. Origin: Myself
3. like (I use this one like way too much)--- means: similar to, such as, ummm.  Origin: no idea
4. hurts like crazy (okay so this is more of a phrase)--- OUCH. Origin: again no idea
5. texture--- means: the feeling of something.  Origin: Latin
6. redonkulous (don't think I spelled that right)--- means: crazy (you can't say hurts like redonkulous however) Origin: Rhino from the movie Bolt... I think
7.  ay chihuahua--- means: wow, whoa. Origin: i guess someone who spoke spanish but the first time i heard it was when Joey said it on an episode of Full House
8. HAhahaHAh--- means: somethings funny Origin: everybody (because everybody laughs) however I have a very annoying laugh thus the weird spelling
9. humhumhummmm---means: I'm humming or singing something.  Origin: everybody (because everybody sings (or at least they should))
10. sorry or oops (I say this a lot) --- means: I apologize and or did something wrong Origin:  no idea

So TA-DA! these are a few of my favorite things humhumhummmm.......

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  1. I love "photographize"! Sweet word. :) Making up words is so fun.
    In response to your comment on my blog, my sister is a professional photographer, so she has some really nice equipment. I used one of her cameras to get the macro shot of the snowflake. If she didn't let me use her cool cameras, I couldn't do it!