Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okay it's time to come out of the closet... My favorite things to watch on TV are cartoons, not like the Simpsons or anything like that but really old cartoons from the 20's-60's back when cartoons were black and white and all music.  Why? well they're like history and you can obviously see some of the issues of the time.  For example in this cartoon the two characters "Tom and Jerry" (not the cat and mouse) go to Spain because of the 18th amendment (prohibition of alcohol)  and in the end they get a letter saying that the 18th amendment has been repealed so they go back.  In this cartoon the same characters fly to Africa and paint themselves black and speak like black people to fit in, in Africa.  Then this one deals with being careful while driving a car, like a long commercial.  So old cartoons are like a little history lesson, plus they're so cute and innocent.
So that's why I like them I know they're not for everyone but I think they're great I have a 450 cartoon set

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