Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday sissy

Today is the birthday of a very important person.  My sister (as you could probably guess from the title) but seriously... she's the best.  so I've to write a bit about her.
1. she's goofy she always says something funny
2. she's reading me write this and is not minding
3. she says "if I haven't embarrassed myself at least once in every conversation I've failed"
4. funny thing is she usually succeeds at #3
5. she listens to me rant about... well everything
6. she loves to make up words
7. she does the best puppy dog face ever!
8. her nick-name when she was younger was happy go lucky
9. she has about a billion other nick-names
10. she dances randomly
11. she has a strange obsession with small things
12. her friends are crazy
13. one of her favorite foods are green beans
14. she's a health nut
15. she's double jointed in lots of places
16. she listens to weird music
17. she is mostly a willing photography model for me
18. she's very mature for her age, or so she's been told (by people who don't know her) jk
19. she loves to dance is and good great at it
20. PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that's my sister :)

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